The Prohibition of School Students in Soviet Times

The Prohibition of School Students in Soviet Times

In every school there will be a rule and everything is set so that no one forbids it. This is what we will discuss here, but certainly not an ordinary school but a school in the Soviet era. Anyone who forbids it then of course he will be very sorry.

In the past, anyone who grew up in the Soviet Union knew that schools were more than educational institutions. The school system basically shapes the character of children, the school knows the children, the way they look, write and anything related to school.

Some of the rules above are mandatory for all students to follow at that time and of course there will be many who hate the way these rules are given. The following are some of the restrictions imposed on Soviet-era schools.

1. Don’t write with your left hand

Officially, the Soviets did not allow left-handers. Those born left-handed must learn to use their right hand. Why so? In theory, the Soviet Union wanted to teach that as an adult there was no difficulty in working or fighting.

As is well known that a weapon is not made for left-handed people. This rule was finally repealed in 1985 and at the time the ministry recognized that such practices were harmful to a child’s mental health. Finally, before that time the Ministry of Education allowed children to write with their left hand.

2. Do not use pens

The Soviets used to think that the Pen made writing inelegant. Therefore, the use of this writing utensil is prohibited until a child can write cursive aesthetically.

However, this rule is temporary and is applied when children begin to receive education. Some have even said that the score must be above 4 or B and 5 or A if you want to use an automatic pen.

3. Must be in uniform

As in some countries in schools students are not allowed to wear jeans, sweaters, or floral dresses. Even women should not wear different colored ribbons. All children must dress in uniform according to standards in the education system.

The rules do seem to be restraining for some, for example, if someone dares to go to school with new shoes, then he or she will be scolded in front of the class. Just because of the shoes even the parents of the student might be called the principal.

During the Soviet era, only a handful of children wore sports shoes to school. Not many of them can enjoy Sports Shoes that used to be called luxury goods. If there are, the shoes are usually obtained from their parents’ travel agency or some other special permit.

4. Do not paint nails, hair or make up

A student can be expelled from class if caught doing this and of course humiliated in public. Boys with long hair will be immediately exiled in class and the teacher continues to teach.

A teacher who used to be a student at a school during the Soviet Union once said that he had his hair cut several times. At that time the principal always held scissors at morning apple and was ready to cut their male students’ long hair.

As for women, of course, it will be forbidden to dress up and paint nails. But it turns out that they often oppose these rules. Protests against the regulation are often carried out but to no avail and the situation is getting worse.

5. It is forbidden to wear earrings

This is the thing that most often made a Soviet Master furious, namely wearing earrings or having other piercings. Ordinary and simple earrings are allowed and the rest are not. Other forms of earrings can cause unexpected reactions from educators.

Someone once told me that he used to have rather long hair and it was made to look like it was disheveled. One day he tried to use a cross earring and at that time there was a history lesson, the type of history was certainly from a communist point of view. At that time the teacher’s eyes would widen when he saw the object in his ear.

After a while he thought for a while and sat down in his chair. Soon he started screaming and told the bad boy to remove his earring. The teacher’s face at that time immediately reddened and he threw the student away.

How about now?

For now, almost all schools are starting to abolish some of the old rules during the Soviet Union. Even so, there are some rules that might hold up to this moment. Some schools demand the use of uniforms at school and some have no problem with the rules.

There are also some schools that strictly prohibit the use of cell phones and also the students who have colorful hair. Of all these rules, it actually comes back to each of you, Are you interested in gaining knowledge or not? if so follow the rules and if not then you don’t need to go to school.