The Story of a Crimean Russian Teacher

The Story of a Crimean Russian Teacher

To all dear friends, My name is Vera Fedorovna. I’ve been teaching Russian as a foreign language most of my life. Without hesitation I always develop Russian language immersion programs.

The program is one of the most innovative and successful programs I have ever undertaken. If you want to learn Russian with experienced instructors, a friendly atmosphere, then this program can be your choice. This program is part of the international Language School Of The Heidelberg House.

The benefits of learning Russian are innumerable. If you are successful in mastering the Indonesian language, then you have a great opportunity to get a chance to enter a large government institution or several multinational companies. At least the most important thing here is that you can enrich yourself.

You can start by taking beginner courses or you can hone your language skills through school again. Schools in Crimea always offer unique and affordable programs for any level of student

Intensity = Fun + Learning!

As a student in the Russian language immersion program, you will experience two to five weeks of intense mastery. How long you want to study is up to you, the learning schedule is from Monday to the amount for 15-25 hours.

When you finish each lesson you can immediately master Russian skills in everyday situations. As a beginner, you will master the basics of the Russian language. While your intermediate or upper level will increase your level of Russian language skills.

The ultimate goal of the course is to give you a solid foundation in the Russian language as quickly as possible. However, that does not mean that your education will be cursory and incomplete. On the contrary, you will learn Russian from various directions (listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Small Group

Our group courses have a low student to teacher ratio of almost three to four students per teacher. With such a small class you will easily receive a lot of personal attention from Master.

Is there a better way to learn Russian other than by taking this private course. Actually there is, but it would be better if you take this course and try to make it so that you can tailor the course to your specific needs.

Our next step is to define your specific goals for the course and define your preferred instructional method. You must be able to work together to develop a curriculum that meets these goals.

With this one-on-one private tutoring, there would naturally be no class competition and no anxiety in front of classmates. Here you can try to learn Russian at your own pace.

Best Staff, Best Choice

Every faculty member here is well-trained and experienced, with either a master’s degree or a PhD in Russian linguistics. They have been teaching new students every year with their years of experience.

In addition to the Russian language here, the members can also speak English, German and French. Anyone who wants to learn Russian, from beginner to advanced, should try a course at the Heidelberg House International Language School. Learn it in 1 to 3 months or you can add up to a year to become fluent in Russian.

Best Location For Study

Lastly, Simferepol’s inviting and friendly atmosphere can be your best place to study and travel at the same time. Of course with a place like Simferepol you will be very excited to go to school and achieve the desired goals.

The capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferepol is a city that welcomes foreigners as much as locals, you won’t feel alien to our friendly residents especially once you learn Russian.

In addition, the Russian language used here is classic Russian with a slightly slower fluency. That way you can easily understand Russian in any way.

I also really like the city of Simferepol which is now my place to live and work. Partly because I believe the experience of living and working here will change your life for the better.

If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course we are happy to discuss together with you From the curriculum, length of stay, costs, accommodation and various other things.

Who knows? maybe someday I will cross the beautiful garden at school and see you there. Of course seeing you with a happy atmosphere playing and talking in Russian with your friends. I will smile and wave to you. I look forward to that day and look forward to hearing from you.